It's Salad season! Get the most out of your greens!

Here in Montana the spinach and lettuces are abundant right now! I can't wait to take my spinach to market in a few days because it is so big and beautiful along with the various salad greens I've grown this spring.

I don't know about you, but my biggest pet peeve is buying lettuce and then a few days later opening the bag and finding a stinky, slimy, unappealing mess in the bag!  I do find it happens with store bough more so than with farm fresh. But it still happens in either instance!

I recently came across this article and I appreciated the testing they did and I fully agree with the results.  For years I have always advocated for the bag and paper towel method and it works just fine. But if you are looking for an extended time for your greens, the winning method in this article is sure to make you do a little happy dance!  Check out this article from

Buying a big bag of salad greens or lettuces is a great, economical way to get your veggie servings, but we've all dealt with the frustrations of opening the bag a few days later and seeing sad, wilted or even slimy leaves inside.
What's the best way to store salad greens so that they last the longest? We tried three methods to find out which was best — and there was a clear winner!   READ MORE AND GET THE WINNING METHOD HERE!!!

So this spring and early summer, enjoy your greens for longer!  And if you are in Missoula, please stop by the Orchard Homes' Farmers' market this Thursday, June 15th from 4:30-7pm in the parking lot of Orchard Homes' Country Life Club (2537 S. 3rd Street West) and pick up some fresh spinach, a crisp romaine head or some tasty Spicy Asian Mix from Turner Farms!