Winter is the great chalkboard of Farming!

Winter with its quiet, peaceful lull is a welcome season here at Turner Farms. After the hustle and bustle of harvest season and then the holidays, we are ready for some down time. Sure, we do lounge a little and read a few more books and sip a few more cups of coffee but honestly, winter is a time for us to look at our methods of farming and do some tweaking.  Lately, we've been discussing our carrots and how we manage them, keep the weeds out of them and then how we wash and prep them for sale.  We've done the big erase on our old methods and are rewriting a new and hopefully better method which will reduce the labor and also increase production.  

Along with the practical jobs of the farm, we are also looking at other aspects of the farm which we can tweak, erase and rewrite. One of those is our online presence.  We've had a blog the last couple of years but it was on a platform which was laborious and not user friendly. And when you are a farmer with dirt under your fingernails, you need something quick and easy if you are going to write a blog or maintain a website.  So, just like we did with our carrot management, we did the big erase of our past website.  Oh, it's still accessible because it did have some great blogs and terrific recipes so our followers can still find those at  We will eventually migrate that info onto this page.  We are grateful to have found this new platform which is user-friendly and so easy to manage.  We feel this new website will offer our customers the information they are looking for plus offer lots of fun updates and photos of all the happenings at Turner Farms.  

So, as we head into the final weeks (eek!) of winter, we continue to look at the great chalkboard.  A few things still need erasing and rewriting before the first seeds get planted! We better put that book down, get out of the easy chair and get going on those because before we know it, those robins are gonna be singing!