Every Thursday from 4:30-7:00pm from mid-June through the end of September, you can find Turner Farms' produce at the Orchard Homes' Farmers' Market.  We take a large variety of our harvest to market each week, so you can always be sure to get your fill of our fresh, organically-managed produce!

We will once again be offering customers to purchase a 'Farmers' Market Share'! You can purchase a $100, $125, $150 share and then come each week (or whatever weeks you're in town!) and pick up fresh produce.  This share allows you to pick your amounts and your variety.  It is a perfect option for those customers who need more flexibility in their schedule!

Summer 2017 Prices of Produce:

  1. Beets (Red and Golden): $2.00/bunch
  2. Broccoli: $3.00/lb
  3. Carrots: $2.00/bunch (Not ready until mid-late August)
  4. Green Beans: $3.00/lb
  5. Garlic: $1.50/each
  6. Onions (Red and Yellow): $1.00/each
  7. Sweet Onions (HUGE): $2.00/ea
  8. Cabbage (Red or green): $3.50/ea
  9. Zucchini (green or gold): $1.00/lb
  10. Summer Squash: $1.00/lb
  11. Hot Peppers (jalapeno, serrano and thai): 5/$1.00
  12. Eggplant: $3.00/lb (will be ready mid-august)
  13. Cucumbers: 50 cents/ea
  14. Pickling Cukes: $5.00/3lb bag (please contact us about the availability of this item)