Our mission at Turner Farms is to help educate our young people about local agriculture and allow them the opportunity to experience a local farm!  We love hosting field trips for schools, day cares and organizations.  Our farm tours allow a chance for up close interaction with various farm animals, a visual experience of what it takes to run a farm and sometimes a tasting of freshly harvested produce! 

Depending on the age of the group and the amount of time, we usually like to have the kids do a "farm chore"...planting seeds, feeding the animals, pulling weeds, harvesting potatoes and other fun activities!  For older kids (middle school-high school) we've developed a work sheet the kids fill out in the end which integrates a variety of disciplines....proving to the kids that even in farm work they need to understand math, science and more!

We charge a nominal fee for each field trip in order to compensate for the time it takes to prepare and facilitate our tours.  We charge $25 for each field trip (which normally lasts 1 hr-1.5 hrs).  To book a tour, please contact us.  Our busiest times are spring and fall, so please book early! And yes, a school bus can access our farm easily!