Community Support Agriculture (CSA) programs are a popular method of serving the local community while also supporting local agriculture. It's a win-win for everyone! The consumer is able to benefit from receiving fresh produce directly from the farm it's grown on and getting to know the farmer who grew it. Meanwhile, the farmer has the benefit of guaranteed payments, usually paid early so they have working funds at the beginning of the season, they don't have to transport their produce and they get to know their customers well and share with them tips and info about the produce. It's a really great model of community supporting agriculture...hence the name! 

We started with a small number of shares in 2009, today we have more than doubled that amount! In order to address the growing number of members and also to offer more flexibility for people, we added a couple of different programs.  Our hope is to offer more options thus allowing more people to experience fresh, local food!!

2019 CSA Program Information

We are currently sold out for the 2019 season! Thank you for your support and interest in local farms and food!

Traditional CSA Program: This is the standard program we have offered for 8 years.  Pick up a small or large share each week. Pick-ups will be on TUESDAYS at the farm from mid June through the last week of August.  This year the share will be 10 weeks long.  Small share: $225 Large share: $400

Fall Harvest Share: We are offering a 4 week share in September/October. These bags will be loaded with all the wonderful fall harvest crops.  If you have a summer share, you can add this on for 14 full weeks of fresh produce.  Maybe you’re going to be traveling most of the summer? This is a great way to still get in on the fresh produce of Turner Farms!  The pick-up for this share will be on Mondays from September 9-30. This is an exceptional value and it was very popular last year with our customers!  One size share: $125